Mangan Inc. serves various industries by providing engineering and automation services. The work involves written procedures and drawings for systems that are new or are in need of an upgrade. Providing consulting and direction for the oversight of the system’s installation, start up, and on-going operation is also often a part of our scope of work.

The processes involved in these systems can contain deadly gases, combustible liquids, live electrical equipment, costly products, and affect the surrounding population.

How do we work safe?

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

The Job Safety Analysis or JSA is woven into engineering and design practices. In-house design and procedures are evaluated to determine the inherent risk in producing documents that are implemented in the field. Field project tasks are evaluated and all levels of risk are reviewed and mitigated. The entire project team, including the various disciplines, client representatives, and subcontractors are a part of the Job Safety Analysis process which also opens the way to serious and open discussion concerning the risks associated with the work.

Safety Management and Responsibility Training (SMART)

Mangan’s SMART program is a personal JSA and audit practice. Filling out a SMART Card helps to raise the employee’s awareness of their environment through identifying site emergency response procedures, PPE, and hazardous work activities. Employees use the card to journal their exposure to safety hazards and mitigation measures to remain safe. In addition, the employees utilize the cards to offer suggestions which are documented, reported company wide, and each are provided a response.

Safety Meetings

Bi-Weekly Safety Meetings have been a practice at Mangan for over a decade. The company gathers together every other week to discuss safety. While we’ve grown since the inception of this process and we house employees in multiple offices, we still meet and no matter where the employees are in the field they can call into their office and join the meeting. This meeting promotes participation / discussion on the covered topics; the Weekly Safety Training subjects, updated regulatory safety requirements, current industry incidents, and client communication.

Weekly Safety Training content covers important aspects of the company’s written safety programs, providing the guidelines employees need to remain refreshed. Also incorporated into the meeting notes are current industry and client communication concerning requirements for safe work practices.

Industry Best Safety Record

Our record of safety demonstrates our commitment to the entire team to maintain a safe work environment. Mangan is committed to providing the highest level of safety at the workplace and project sites.